Airport City Station / Stuttgart (de)

Intermodal Transport Nod

Diplôme de fin d’Etudes développé à la
TU – Université Technique de Stuttgart

Architecte – Urbaniste
avec le soutien de la DVA STIFTUNG

A 21 km Tunnel to the Airport, the DBAG Project was to keep the Station 30 meters underground, 200 m away from the actual checking accounts.
Transferring with Sunlight, an Overview railway line cross the area to build an Sustainable Hybrid Solution.

Protecting the last agricultural fields, the tracks are challenging the planes, introducing a new Urban development around the Inter-modal Station.
Connecting the Old Terminals, taking off on bridges, the traveller comes over a Panoramic View of the Region, an Architectural Airport City Landscape.

This Air fair reactivates the traces of our Psychological Electric Infrastructures.
This emotional Scare is a Poetic Space, incorporating all horizontal and vertical connections for transports and exchange facilities, a lake providing an on-site bio-green dynamic hydro-system, a natural water tank, Producing Oxygen.

The concrete orange glassed curved mesh of the roof is a pattern of multiples concrete hyper-sonic planes and birds.