White House Redux / (usa)

CONCOURS – Storefront for Art and Architecture
avec Philippe RIZZOTTI, Architecte


During an electoral campaign, the Symbol of the Place of Power, is the most sensible space to think, to design.
A script without any design due to a none achievement of the new Americas Project.

Suggesting a new post-terrorist Era (a tree stories 69 twisting Cube,
a Circle running track around and Mirroring Fences).

The text is a Poem, a love song against the Castration made by Terror.
The text is free of interpretation an open End into new dialogues.

In the background, an affair, between dreams and reality,
between Art and Architectural Space.

Only the Visual Effects are reflecting emotional and financial crisis :
the fear of a loss vs the fear of control.

Dedicated to any Reader.

January 2009.