OASIS B&C / Stuttgart-Munich (de)

two cities, too many parties

Oasis Club



Under an arcadian alley, the Entrance is a Store Front.
The first floor is hidden by Cloths and Jackets, a sample of monitors are showing the atmosphere of Dance Floors, Bar & Lounge. Behind the first bar, you’ll find the VIP Lounge, with an existing Sky-domed Pyramid.

The elliptic staircase brings the visitor either under or upper. This space, fuelled with lights and furs, is the theatrical space of seduction. Each one exchanging sensual eye contact, desiring each other to meet anywhere, here and now.

If you go Down, You’ll find Electronic flows spreading energies.
Behind DJ + VJ’s set, dancers are flying on a Lighting floor, projecting their shadow on the celling.

On the Top floor, the Stair case disappears, and You’ll meet your friends.
A video projection system is spreading a Live show from the streets and other rooms. There, I listened a lot of very good electronics sounds, composers and DJ’s, the scene where I grew up.

Days, I’m listening all kind of Music, mostly. Silence is my music, I can ear our heart biting. Nights, I’m a freaky electronic music listener. Usually, I’m living and experimenting Architecture, like Heiddeger’s Art and Space, acoustically, visually, in motion, recomposing into my body an inner mind and structure.
January 2009

ESQ – Installation temporaire
Park’n’Wash is a leisure Park.

The temporary installation was a project around the
World Soccer Cup 2006 aiming to follow Parties all Night long.
Scaffolding structures, lights projections,
VJ + DJ towers and plate forms are built onto a sandy beach.

A sandy beach Sun tanning chairs, a swimming pool
and video screens over the last floor of a city centre parking building.
This installation was planned for a day and night use of the space.

Daytime, the place is a relaxing “Erlebniss” after a shopping tour,
enjoying the view of the historical city scape,
inviting friends and relatives for more Parties.

January 2009