OASIS Bar Lounge / Stuttgart (de)

Sound Scape Design

Mission Complète

A Perspective Eye Catcher on the developing city centre main strip, a place asked to be designed with an oriental flair.

A Club to dance, to have fun, share time with friend, to discover a new world.

The Bar Disco Lounge is designed for : sound and visual qualities.
Projecting a space, as if I was already dancing with you, in it.
The Oasis Bar is a Caravan Serail.

A Sound Equaliser, designed as a none stop space, a spatial dilatation and expansion.

A cold storage room, a Serpentine bar turning around the division wall, connecting the main court, to the lounge part.

Starting at the entrance, a Wall, a Gate, broken prismatic Crystal boxes, build  a space for the DJ with a Panoramic view on the dance floors.
Later the wall is becoming a flying red scarf driving to the Lounge.

The Cocoon inducted compression is a lovely place for Cocktails.

December 2008